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The 2018 inductee to the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame, Jimmy Parker, is a true-blooded country music singer. He has stayed true to his roots since he started pursuing country music for a career. His move to Nashville came in February, 1990. After spending a few years in Nashville, and recording a couple of albums, knocking on doors, and then having to get out of the music business in 1996 due to his late wife’s illness, he returned to his passion in 2004. He wrote a few songs and what started as a fun hobby and a tribute to his late wife, he then recorded an album and entitled it "Warm Love." The title of that album came from the song he wrote as a tribute to his late wife based on an experience he had with her spirit a few weeks after her death in 2003.

Recording that album re-lit a fire in Jimmy’s heart that had been burning for a very long time. He knew right then he wanted back in the business. He took a deep look at himself and decided, if it was going to happen, he had to make it happen himself. He avoided the famed Music Row where all the publishers, record labels, producers, etc. conduct their business. He discovered the internet, did his own networking, promoted his music to radio stations, plotted his own path and created his own road to do what he loves to do. He started his own record label, his own publishing company, got with a producer (Danny Muhammad) he had known for 20 years and worked out a deal to start recording and selling his songs. He wrote, he searched for songs from other writers, and recorded some of the great cover songs of the past that he liked. With his new producer, he pushed out five more cd albums, “More Than You Know,” “Real Deal,” and “American Country Singer,” "Home," and, "The Journey." He has recorded over 100 songs altogether.

Today, Jimmy still lives in Nashville. He has several Youtube Videos of some of his recorded songs. He not only now sings but acts as well having appeared in the hit TV shows, "Nashville" and "Still The King,” and some movies such as “All Saints,” “Ennuati,” and “ Old Story.” He's also a star on the hit NCS (Nashville Country Stars) TV show called, "Hicksville Junction,” which can be seen on ROKU TV. He's appeared in a music video by Reba McIntyre called "Back to God."

His travels have taken him around the world. He has performed in over 23 states for House Concerts, Theaters, Casinos, listening rooms, Cafes, etc. Many people are jumping on this band wagon and getting Jimmy to come play a House Concert for them, their families, and their friends. He has also toured and performed in South Korea for the troops stationed there, and in Australia, capping that tour off with some performances in Tamworth, New South Wales, which is known as the home of the largest country music festival in the world.

When you visit any of the links below for Jimmy, sit back and take a good listen to Jimmy’s songs. You will see why so many people have started to follow him. Some of his fans have been there since day one and have bought all his music. He is unique, original, the real deal, and traditional with an edge. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever want to meet. But, be warned, because if you listen close enough, his songs have a way of just snuggling up beside you and make you think he is singing just to you. Give him a listen. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

"2011 Single of the Year" for Daddy
"2012 Country Male Artist of the Year" for Independent Country Music Association
"2013 Video of the Year (Thought I'd Be Home By Now) " for Independent Country Music Association
"2014 Entertainer of the Year" for Clay's Country Music Awards
"2015 Male Vocalist of the Year" for Clay's Country
"2015 Entertainer of the Year" for Josie's Music Awards
"2015 Video of the Year (You Never Know)" for Josie's Music Awards
"2015 Special Artist Award for USA" by Fair Play Country Magazine in Germany
"2016 Video of the Year (When Daddy Drank)" for Josie's Music Awards
"2016 Entertainer of the Year" for Josie's Music Awards
2017 Radio Charting Award for Josie’s Music Awards
2018 Inductee to the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame

"Terminal Case of Heartaches" (Scrimshaw Records) 1984
“Oklahoma Sunshine" (Vista International Records) 1992
One of Those Nights (American Records) 1994
"Warm Love" (Heart2Heart Records) 2004
"More Than You Know" (Heart2Heart Records) 2006
"Real Deal" (Heart2Heart Records) 2009
"American Country Singer" (Heart2Heart Records) 2011
"Home" (CMG Nashville) 2012
"The Journey" (Heart2Heart) 2015



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