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Jimmy Parker is a true traditional country music artist. Since his return to the music business scene in 2004, he has recorded six CD albums (His latest called, "The Journey.") and has released several music videos on some of the songs he has recorded and can be seen on Youtube. His moniker, “Nothing But Pure Country Music,” is catching on with his fans from all over the world. His music is heartfelt, touching, and always a story about the ups and downs about life…what country music is all about.

His music began at a young age, singing in church as a youngster, learning piano and guitar as a youngster, playing in bands during high school, college and in the Military. He served 7 years in the US Army. He moved to Nashville in 1990, married in 1991, and actually gave up his musical endeavors in 1996 to take care of his ailing wife who eventually passed in 2003. A year later, he began to follow his musical dreams again but in a different way…doing things on his own and bypassing the music row scene in downtown Nashville.

Influenced by some of the greats in country music such as Keith Whitley, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Strait, and Johnny Cash, just to name a few, his recorded music comes from the heart. He records songs he has written, songs by other writers, and some covers by some of the greats, that give Jimmy that edge among most other independent artists that are in the arena of independent country music.

In 2011, he released a recording of a song called, “Daddy,” which debuted #1 on the Independent Music Network located in Los Angeles, California. The song remained in the top ten for a total of 37 weeks, reaching #1 for a second time in that time span. Since then he has seen seven more of his songs reach the top ten in other well known independent charts. His music is being heard worldwide on more than 70 internet radio stations. He also has had several more songs to reach in the top 10 with some of those reaching as high as #2 in several more of the independent country charts.

Several of his videos have won recognition also as Video of the Month for several radio sites, and also in 2013, his video release of “Thought I’d Be Home by Now,” was awarded video of the year by the Independent Country Music Association based in Nashville, TN. and "You Never Know" won video of the year for 2015 with the Josie's Music Awards for independent artists at a ceremony in Nashville, Tn. He also walked away with the 2015 "Traditional Entertainer of the Year" for Josie's Music Awards.

Other awards include a single release, “Daddy,” which won Single of the Year in 2011 for the IMN Awards Show, he was awarded the 2012 Male Artist of the year for the ICoMA, Video of the Year (Thought I’d Be Home by Now) in 2013 for the ICoMA, the 2014 Male Artist of the Year for the ICoMA, and The 2014 Entertainer of the Year Award and the 2015 Male Artist of the Year for Clays Country Radio (a popular world wide independent radio station in Ireland).

His performances have been in an array of states such as, California, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Illinois, and Kentucky and in foreign countries such as Korea and Australia. The shows that he performs on the road are all concert style shows, and he is seeing a lot of success with House Concerts around the country.

If you love good country music, a singer with a heart, and songs with heartfelt lyrics, you won’t be disappointed with Jimmy and his music. He truly is an artist and you can believe it when everyone describes his music as “Nothing But Pure Country Music.”



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